How to Enter

Entry to UKCineFest is free for all students. All you need to do is to upload your film to Vimeoand complete the application form. Alternatively, submit via FilmFreeway.

Deadline for entry is noon on April 30th 2018.

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The categories for the competition this year are:

Best Cinematography Award

Sponsored by Fantomline Post-Production, this award will be given to the film, in any category, that shows the most interesting and creative use of cinematography.  What we’re looking for is technical understanding of the camera and a creative vision that matches and enhances the story-telling.

Best Editing Award

Sponsored by Fantomline Post-Production, this award will be given to a film in any category that demonstrates skilled use of post-production and creative approaches to editing. What we’re looking for are technical skills in terms of visual story-telling and a cutting style that is central to the story-telling.

Best Short Drama

The short drama award will be given to the drama that makes best use of the short form. What we are looking for are films with a strong and coherent narrative, which also show a strong understanding of visual story-telling.  In particular we will be looking for films that aim to be cinematic in vision, despite their short duration.

Best Short Documentary

The short documentary award will be given to the best documentary or factual film which makes best use of its subject matter. What we are looking for are factual stories that are both fascinating in terms of content and also visually engaging. In particular we will be looking for interesting true stories and creative use of visual story-telling. 

Best Animation

The best animation award will be given to the animation which makes best use of the medium to tell a great story. Any form of animated film is eligible. What we are looking for are animated films that demonstrate good story-telling, excellent technical skills and a creative approach to the subject matter.

Best Experimental

The experimental category is open to any film. What we are looking for are films that defy normal categories, but which are interesting and creative. In particular we are looking for films that stray from the norm and which are the result of experimentation with either production or post-production techniques.

The UKCineFest Young Film-Maker Award

The UKCineFest award will be presented to film-makers whose films stands out as exceptional. These can be drawn from any category. What we are looking for are film-makers who display either a distinct visual style or who display exception technical competence.

The UKCineFest Student Screenplay Award

The UKCineFest screenwriting award will be awarded to the best screenplay written by a student (up to ten pages). This can either be a ten page short film script or the first ten pages of a longer piece. The award will be given to the student who shows a technical understanding of how screenplays are written, strong characterisation and a cinematic sense of story-telling. Scripts must be less than 30 pages long.

The 1 Actor, 1 Location, 1 Minute Challenge

The brief for this contest is to create a film with only one actor, using one location and the for the film to last precisely 60 seconds. What we are looking for are great use of location, interesting ideas and technically competent film-making. Films that are compelling to watch, with strong narratives are likely to do well in this category. Films must be precisely 60 seconds long (15 seconds may be added for titles and credits).

Schools’ Film Competition

This category is only open to films created by either schools or sixth form colleges. Although school films can be entered in any category, this category is just for schools. The films entered in this category can be: drama, documentary, experimental or animation. What we will be looking for is enthusiastic and creative use of video, rather than technical expertise. Films in this category could be produced on iPads, webcams or camcorders.



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